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Miss U.S. Continents Delegates:

  • must be 19 - 29 years old on July 1st in the year they plan to compete
  • must have been born female
  • cannot have ever been married
  • cannot have ever given birth nor now be a parent

Miss U.S. Continents 2016

Josahna D'Aniello

My name is Jasahna D'Aniello and I am the winner of Miss U.S. Continents 2016. I was born on August 27, 1996 in New Haven, Connecticut. I graduated from East Haven High School in 2014. After high school I decided to get into cosmetology, it's always been something that I was very passionate about. Ive always thought of myself as a super creative person and hair and makeup has always been my way of expressing that creativity. I love making people feel confident and giving them the courage to walk out the door feeling like a brand new person. My dream is to one day be a celebrity stylist or makeup artist... Or maybe even BE a celebrity, but that's if the opportunity came my way! It sounds silly but I love to act and I'm such a movie fanatic so that would be the first thing I would go for. That's why I was so interested in becoming a pageant girl, because I knew that I wasn't afraid to stand in front of complete strangers and be confident in who I was. I knew that it would allow me to bring out that part of me that I don't get to reveal on an everyday basis. It's a piece of me that has made me the woman that I've become and will be. Being in the Miss Continents Pageant was one of the best things I have ever gotten the chance to be apart of...it's opened my eyes to millions of new experiences and unbelievable opportunities. I've had such a huge amount of support throughout my journey so far and I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. Thank you Gaspar Cruz and everyone that's believed in me to take a life changing step and pushing me to never give up. Things can be very challenging and intimidating especially it being my first time ever participating in a pageant. You don't know what's to come.... But that's what's makes it's so exciting! I wouldn't have had it any other way.


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