• Gaspar Cruz<br>Executive DirectorGaspar Cruz
    Executive Director
  • Nikki Golyer<br>Operations DirectorNikki Golyer
    Operations Director
  • Courtney Vacanti Birnstihl<br>Director of Marketing and Public RelationsCourtney Vacanti Birnstihl
    Director of Marketing and Public Relations
  • Jocelyn Lomahan<br>Event and Judges CoordinatorJocelyn Lomahan
    Event and Judges Coordinator
  • Jennie Hylton<br>Contestant Development DirectorJennie Hylton
    Contestant Development Director
  • 06-MarieLynnDunn06-MarieLynnDunn
  • Jessica Hartman<br>Contestant CoordinatorJessica Hartman
    Contestant Coordinator
  • Ashley Pavletich<br>Contestant CoordinatorAshley Pavletich
    Contestant Coordinator
  • Megan Raymond<br>Contestant CoordinatorMegan Raymond
    Contestant Coordinator
  • Anna Peters<br>Contestant CoordinatorAnna Peters
    Contestant Coordinator

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    Miss Teen UNITED Continents is for contestants from the United States. Miss Teen Continents is for international contestants.
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    On July 1st in the year they plan to compete: Teen Continents and Teen United Continents contestants must be 13 - 18 years old. Miss Continents contestants must be 19 - 29 years old.
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    We are currently seeking national directors from around the world! Read More
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